The Advisory Committee established under the original Dominic and Patricia Manieri Endowment, functions to offer advice and recommendations for the use and applications of distributions of endowment income. The committee is constituted of a representative of the Manieri family, the director of the Anacortes Public Library, the president of the Library Board of Trustees, the president of the Anacortes Public Library Foundation, and a member-at-large designated by the mayor of Anacortes. The Anacortes Public Library Jazz Committee (APLJC) presents its strategic plan for the year and a proposed budget to the Advisory Committee. The two committees work together to achieve the goals of the Endowment.

John Shafer is the current President of the Anacortes Public Library Foundation. John is a petroleum engineering consultant. He is Vice President of the Anacortes Sister Cities Association and Chair of the Finance Committee for the Anacortes United Method Church.

Linda MacGregor is the daughter of Dominic and Patricia Manieri and serves as the Manieri family representative.

Jim Anderson, the member-at-large, is a retired Anacortes attorney. Although not a musician, he has a strong interest in music, particularly jazz, swing, and the old standards.

Dave Duck is the current President of the Anacortes Public Library Board of Trustees.