Free Jazz workshop sponsored by the Anacortes Manieri Endowment

Saturday August 8th from 10:00-12:00 @ the:

1220 10TH STREET

Gypsy Jazz and Hot Club Fiddling – for all violinists and fiddlers, this workshop starts with the basics of the actual melodies played in tunes like “Minor Swing” and “Manoir des mes Reves”; we will go through simple chord construction and the easy arpeggios and scales that are great introductions to playing over chord changes and the beginning of making up your own melodic lines. Open to all levels and styles of fiddling and violin playing, this is a hands on workshop that will get you playing immediately. The ability to read chord charts is helpful, but reading of notation or chord charts is not required. Instructor is Michael Gray of Pearl Django.




Intro to Gypsy Jazz Guitar- a hands on approach with getting familiar with the basics of this powerful and rhythmic style, we will focus on various components of Gypsy jazz guitar technique with emphasis on simple chording along in the “Le Pomp” rhythm style, which is the backbone of the gypsy rhythm section, and to get you playing along immediately. There will be in depth discussions of solo ideas to try over gypsy jazz standards, and much more. Guitarists of all persuasions will get new insights on all forms of acoustic guitar technique. All levels and styles welcome. Instructor is Ryan

Come to the workshop and then come see us play at 2pm!
No registration fee, all you need to do is sign up in advance here to add your name to the participants list.

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