Manieri Endowment Funding Proposal
The Manieri Endowment funds projects to promote the understanding and appreciation of jazz and swing music in Anacortes, including programs, performances, and partnerships.  The endowment also fosters opportunities for local jazz and swing musicians and for students interested in pursuing a music education.  If you’d like to submit a proposal, please click here to download the proposal form (instructions for submission are included in the form).



Our school partnerships are an ever-growing piece of the Manieri Jazz and Swing Endowment. Through our partnership with the Anacortes Public Schools, we are helping to create an appreciation and fascination with jazz and swing in the minds and hearts of young people.

In the future, we hope to expand to integrate other arts areas with the instrumental and vocal jazz and swing music – sponsoring swing dances in the schools – with live music advertised with student-designed posters; the inclusion of jazz and swing music and dance in theater club productions; music-inspired creative writing, art projects;  the possibilities are very exciting!

All of this will enhance the education and achievement of Anacortes students, as education in the arts has been demonstrated to do.