Doctor Dee on Jazz

The tag line promoting Jazz Appreciation Month (April, by the way) is: Jazz, born in America, appreciated Worldwide.

While that statement is quite true, a huge number of Jazz musicians have been born worldwide. I have the opportunity to see and hear a number that were born and live across our Northern border – one of the great pluses to living in NW Washington.

The list of Canadian born Jazz musicians is impressive; a very incomplete list of those whose names are immediately identifiable include: Oscar Peterson, piano and composer; Maynard Ferguson, trumpet; Joni Mitchell, vocalist and composer; Gil Evans; long-time collaborator with Miles Davis; Rob McConnell, trumpet and band leader; Diana Krall, piano and vocalist.

The list of those who regularly make the trek South to appear in are area is also lengthy – incomplete: Miles Black, piano and composer; Jen Hodge, Bass (just saw and heard her); Mike Allen, saxophones and composer; Adam Thomas, bass; Tony Foster, piano and composer; Joe Poole, drums; Dan Brubeck, drums (born in the US, but currently residing in Canada).

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