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Anacortes Public Library

Manieri Jazz & Swing Endowment
Jazz Primer
Jazz Primer
Jazz Primer
Jazz Primer

by Mark Allred

This is a brief guide to introduce the uninitiated to
the universe of jazz and swing music, and the
collection at the Anacortes Public Library which is
being selected by Paul de Barros. Though a chemist
by trade, Dominic Manieri was a lifelong jazz and
swing musician and enthusiast. His family
generously gave the City of Anacortes a bequest in
his name which is serving as an endowment to
promote jazz and swing music on Fidalgo Island.
Each section is followed by some titles from the
collection for you to listen to. The Manieri Collection
offers you a starting point. You do not have to
understand everything about jazz to experiment and
discover the music. The best way to start is to just jump
in and listen.
"I'll play it first and tell you what it is later."
- Miles Davis
For more information, and a link to the library collection,
please visit the website at :