Manieri Endowment

The City of Anacortes was the recipient of a generous bequest from the estate of Patricia Manieri in honor of her husband, Dominic Manieri, for the purpose of cultivating an ever-growing passion for jazz and swing throughout the Anacortes community. The City Council decided that the Library would be the logical branch of City Government to administer the Endowment because the first strategic goal of the Endowment is to build an outstanding library collection of Jazz and Swing music books, CDs, and DVDs.

Each year, the earnings of the endowment are available through the Manieri Advisory Committee and the Anacortes Public Library Foundation. In addition to building the collection, the Endowment funds other projects to promote the understanding and appreciation of jazz and swing including programs, performances, and partnering with other organizations such as the Anacortes School District. The Endowment also fosters opportunities for local jazz and swing musicians and for students interested in pursuing a music education. The Anacortes Public Library Jazz Committee works with the Library to explore other ways to fulfill the goals of the Manieri Endowment for future educational and entertainment opportunities in our community.